Richard Whiley

Richard Whiley

Richard joined Anglia Television Sales in London in 1973 being a part of the traffic department which, in those far-off days, controlled the break patterns of advertising, manually. This was time intensive work – on my feet all day – and a bit draggy to be honest. I was then offered a chance to work in the advertising sales department – this was the time when I realised that I was “the proverbial sales person who could not sell an electric fire to an Eskimo!”

Luckily, I was invited to join MacKay and Partners, a London based advertising agency which handled a number of television buying accounts at the time including the then “Oil of Ulay”. I really enjoyed buying television advertising at a time when all ITV regional contractors had their own sales department and competition between buyers was keen and the level of difficulty was high.

I was then able to move on to one of the leading Advertising Agencies in London – then called Ogilvy, Benson and Mather. I was immediately plunged into a far more pressurised environment working in teams under some of the top level leaders in the skill of buying effective campaigns at the lowest possible cost per thousand. I bought for a number of advertisers with well-known names at the time including Lyons Tetley, Woolwich Building Society, Milk Marketing Board and Palitoy.

My next major move was to Ted Bates where I became an Associate Director of the agency working at various times on Cadbury, Mars Petfood Dornay and Lancome. At this time, I moved on from being a television buyer to an all-round media planner/buyer with a wide range of responsibilities including, in a number of cases, direct contact with client and ongoing development of marketing strategies. 

My last major career move was a return to my native county of Norfolk – does everyone who leaves here to work eventually return? – to work with/for a series of agencies and clients over so many years that I seem to have been here almost forever.

I have worked in the United Kingdom on a series of clients including CEVA Animal Health, Atari, Pleasurewood Hills, Radio Broadland (as it was), KSG (with their product Sequin Art), Great Yarmouth Council, Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach, Richardson’s Leisure (Boating Holidays), Kennings (Motor Group) and Norwich Airport. I’ve also worked on television campaigns for clients in France, Belgium and, particularly, in The Netherlands.

And so to TTMA - as hugely rewarding as any agency on the list above – and a chance to use Katharine’s and my skills and experience to the best of our ability for our clients; our friends.