Katharine Dean

Katharine Dean

Please don’t ask me how I ended up doing what I’m doing - because if I am honest, I really don’t know; I fell into it but even after all this time, I still love it. Television Buying – in fact, all Media Buying - is not something which is suggested as a careers option at school; after all advertising is simply drawing pictures and coming up with witty jingles, isn’t it?

As it happens, I can’t draw and I am not that witty (although I do have my moments) but advertising did seem like quite an exciting way to make a living.

Luckily for me, these were the days before you had to have a degree to get in – I could type and organise diaries so I became a secretary within the media department at Abbott Mead Vickers in London.  Fun, yes, but I wanted to do more than this – I wanted to be really involved.  I looked for an opportunity to move into the Television Airtime Buying Department. 

After about six months of working at AMV I moved on – persistence paid off – and eventually worked on planning and buying across a range of accounts, including Comet, Sainsburys, Nivea and Hoover – building schedules and moving spots – I still get excited about moving spots around and achieving the best schedules.

Years passed, lots of fun was had and experience gained.

At this point I became more and more interested in how the numbers worked with and without each other - can you call it spin? So, I moved into the media research department with AMV and then across to PHD – another top line agency - when the departments / companies merged. At this time, much of the media planning and buying of campaigns was moving over to Media Independents from the more traditional Full Service Advertising Agencies.

Having done many years working in London, I moved to Norfolk, had a family and stepped away from media for a while.  I missed it – it has a buzz that I still enjoy hugely.

I worked for another agency in Norwich and really enjoyed working on a variety of local accounts including Great Yarmouth Borough Council, Theatre Royal, Norwich and Norwich Airport - as well as national accounts such as Hotel Chocolat and Feliway and International accounts in France and The Netherlands, too.

TTMA – was the obvious next step, Richard and I both passionately believe that Traditional Media provides the stimulus for Digital and Social Media interaction and is a specialist discipline which is continuing to evolve.  The last couple of years or so have been exciting times for us, as we have continued to grow and to do good work with nice people. TTMA will continue to evolve.